User Guide

1. Maintenance and replacement process check

Dear customer, if there is any problem during your use, SUBLUE will provide the most timely and high qualified service for you. You can search for repair service in the following ways:

① Find the product serial number and prepare your purchase invoice and photo. Then log in SUBLUE after-sales official website: to apply for repair online. Then you can get the case number and address of proper maintenance center. (Customers in China can also apply for product maintenance and technical support through SUBLUE technical support hotline: 400-806-2688.)

② Export and print "SUBLUE product after-sales service application form". If you have purchase invoice, please duplicate it together.

③ Put "SUBLUE product after-sale service application form", copy of purchase invoice and all faulty parts in the original package and pack them well.

④ Send the faulty products to SUBLUE designated maintenance service center.

*Note: When the product is returned without the "SUBLUE product after-sale service application form" and the warranty card, the maintenance service center has the right to refuse the product.

2. Maintenance way

Maintenance way

When your have problems in use, please try to solve it in the following ways:

① Consult the product user manual.

② Log in SUBLUE official website of after-sales service center: to find solution.

③ Please link the “Sublue after-sales service” WeChat. You can enjoy one-click repair and real-time state check, and also can learn the relevant maintenance information.

④ Search "support-SUBLUE" by WeChat, then add the after-sales service staff, which is real-time and fast.

⑤ Contact your local dealer or call SUBLUE technical support hotline: 400-806-2688 for technical support.

⑥ Send email to, then our technical engineer will answer your questions.

3. Care And Maintenance

Cleaning After Use


After using the WHITESHARK MIX in a seawater or freshwater environment, please clean it as follows within 30 minutes:

1. Fully immerse the WHITESHARK MIX in a container filled with clean water for 20 minutes.

*Clean water may not be seawater.

*Do not add laundry detergent, cleansers, or other chemical cleaning products in the clean water.

*When the WHITESHARK MIX is immersed in water, some air bubbles will discharge from holes in the body. This is not a malfunction.

2. Press the switch with both hands to make the WHITESHARK MIX operate for 3 seconds while partly in water. Repeat this step 5-10 times.

 *To prevent splashing water on your body during operation, keep the propeller outlet towards the bottom of the container.

 *Since the WHITESHARK MIX has a greater thrust in water, slightly lift it up to make a larger area out of water for easier cleaning and control


3. Fully shake and clean the WHITESHARK MIX to remove attached foreign objects.

4. Wipe away water with a clean soft dry cloth. Make sure that there is no water around the body and batteries. Remove the batteries and separately dry them in a cool ventilated place.

*Never use a hot air blower or a dryer for drying.




If the WHITESHARK MIX will not be used for a long period of time, please note that the WHITESHARK MIX and batteries should be stored separately in packages. Meanwhile, please follow these guidelines:

1.Please ensure that the machine is stored in a cool ventilated environment with its temperature above 0°C and below 50°C.

2. Avoid direct sunlight.

3. Avoid places with poor ventilation or with humidity exceeding 65%.

4. Keep away from heat, fire and places where children can reach.

5. Keep away from devices that may generate strong magnetic fields.

6. To prevent the machine from becoming moldy, take it out at least once every month and operate it for about 10 seconds.

7. Please charge the batteries at least once every three months.

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