User Guide

Part 3 Other instructions

√ If the product is not working normally, please try to consult the user manual before contacting SUBLUE.

√ Except as mandatory by law, SUBLUE and its authorized maintenance center do not bear any form of cost other than repairing.

√ Due to product differences purchased in different countries, the return and maintenance service will different during the warranty period.
√ When sending product to SUBLUE, you have to bear the express cost first.
√ You need to send back the defective product. After receiving, SUBLUE authorized agent or SUBLUE after-sales center will inspect to confirm the responsibility of the issue. If it is a quality defect of the product itself, SUBLUE is responsible for the inspection, material and labor fee.
√ If the inspected product does not meet the free maintenance requirements, you can choose to pay for maintenance or send back.
√ If the issue is out of the scope of warranty (such as man-made damage), we will charge the inspection fee, replacement fee, testing fee, labor fee and express fee.
√ Do not send back batteries with damaged cells, bulges, leakage, etc. If it has been sent back, SUBLUE will scrap without return.
√ Due to the version difference, the product does not support International Warranty Services. Warranty service only support in the regional maintenance center authorized by SUBLUE. If maintenance is required in authorized center of non-purchasing region, SUBLUE will handle it according to local inventory and only provide charge services.

√ If the address provided by the customer is incorrect, or the recipient refuses to accept, the customer shall bear the loss.
√ If the product is returned from abroad without consent of SUBLUE, the customer shall bear the customs duties, customs clearance and other costs.
√ In case of water ingreation, the product performance will be seriously affected and there is no need for maintenance. Therefore, SUBLUE is unable to provide maintenance service instead of replacement. Please note and send it back.
√ Before the product is repaired, please properly handle the dedicated items and decorations attached (including but not limited to decorative stickers, UAS stickers, paint spraying, etc.). SUBLUE is not responsible for the damage and loss of the items and decorations.
√ In order to ensure your normal rights, please check whether the product is in good condition (such as damage caused by logistics or other reasons) when you sign for receiving. If there is any issue, please feedback to us within 7 days from the signing date. Otherwise, the product will default to no damage and has normal performance.

√ Unless the special mandatory provisions of law, SUBLUE shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss caused by the customer incorrect use due to violation of the specified or implied instructions or the use outside the scope of this warranty (e.g. expenses for storage equipment, transportation, batteries, etc.).

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