User Guide

Part 1 General terms

The after-sales policy applies only to the SUBLUE terminal products purchased for your own use rather than resale.

Service scope

1.SUBLUE guarantees that under normal use, the products have no defects in material and process during the warranty period. The warranty period shall start from the date you receive it, or otherwise stipulated by SUBLUE.

2.SUBLUE and its authorized maintenance center only warrant product with valid and activated certificate.

3.Since the date of purchase, SUBLUE and its authorized maintenance center will provide 6/12 months free warranty service which applies only to the official channel products (below table for details).

TypeScopeWarranty Period
Body and main control boardBody , main control board, Hall button, electronic cabin, front end cover assembly, rear end cover12 months
motion systemMotor, motor-driver board, propeller assembly, bearing6 months
Battery and chargerBattery, charger6 months

How to obtain after-sales service

1.During warranty period, if the product cannot achieve the functions, please contact 1.SUBLUE to obtain after-sales service.
2.SUBLUE may not provide after-sales service in certain regions and the warranty policy may vary due to different regions. There may be a 3.charge for the services out of warranty scope. For local information, please contact SUBLUE.

Preparation before obtaining service

Before obtain the after-sales service, please follow these steps:
√ Abide by SUBLUE service process;
√ Remove all functional components, spare parts, optional components, altered components and accessories outside after-sales service scope;
√ Ensure that there are no legal restrictions on the replacement of products or components;
√ If the products or components are not owned by you, please obtain permission from the owner so that SUBLUE could provide service for you.


1.After contact SUBLUE, please describe the issue of the product in detail.
2.The SUBLUE technology support team will try to judge and solve your issue by telephone, email and remote assistance.
3.If your issue cannot be solved by phone, email, etc.,please send the product back to SUBLUE for further inspection.SUBLUE will arrange the service according to the warranty type of your product. The details is specified in the following “Part 2 After-sales service type”.

Replace the products and components

1.If the warranty service involves replacement of products or components, the replaced products and components will be the property of SUBLUE. And the replacement will be your property. Only the original products and components of SUBLUE can be replaced.
2.The replacement may be not brand new, but they are definitely in good condition and at least equivalent in performance to the replaced parts. The replacement enjoys the same after-sales service during the remaining warranty period of the original product and will be bind with new SN number.

Using of personal contact information

If you obtain service under this warranty, SUBLUE will use this information to carry out the service under this policy. We will contact you to inquiry if you are satisfied with our service, or to notice you about the recall or safety issues. For the above aims, you authorize SUBLUE to provide your information to any country or region where we develop business, as well as our agency. If required by law, we can also provide this information.

The scope of non-after sales warranty

The following cases are not covered in warranty policy:
× Man-made collision or fall accidents rather than the quality issue;
× Damage caused by unauthorized refitting, disassemble, shell opening and other behaviors guided by unofficial instructions;
× Damage caused by incorrect assemble, use and operation not guided by the official instruction;
× Damage caused by unauthorized maintenance not guided by the official instruction;
× Damage caused by circuit change guided by unofficial instruction or improper use of battery and charger;
× Damage caused by use in harsh condition;
× Damage caused by mandatory use in case of aging or damage of components
× Damage caused by insufficient discharge due to low power or using battery with quality problem
× Product running without cease or error;
× Fault or damage caused by the use of accessories not specified by SUBLUE or incompatible components;
× Provide any technology or other support, such as solve the issue of “instruction method”, product setting and installation;
× Products or components which the identified label is modified or removed;
× Products with normal abrasion;
× Product without required maintenance.

Restriction of responsibility

SUBLUE is only responsible for the loss or damage of the products in the following cases: the product is owned by SUBLUE; the product is transported by SUBLUE.

In the following cases, whether or not any of the resolutions herein meet the fundamental purpose, and whether the claim is based on contract, guarantee, negligence, strict liability or other liability theory, SUBLUE and its affiliates, suppliers, distributors or service providers are not liable, even if the possibility of these cases is known, there is no exception: 1) The third party claims for damages against you; 2) Your data is lost, corrupted, or revealed; 3) Special, incidental, indirect or secondary damage, including but not limited to loss of profit, business income, goodwill or anticipated savings. Whatever cause of the damage, the entire liability of SUBLUE and its affiliates, suppliers, distributors or service providers shall be limited to the direct losses actually suffered by you and shall not exceed the amount you paid for the products.

The above restrictions do not apply to personal injury (including death) that SUBLUE is legally liable for, and compensation for loss of immovable and tangible movable property.

Some countries or regions or jurisdictions do not permit any investigation or restriction on incidental or consequential damage, so the above investigation or restriction may not apply to you.

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