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WhiteShark Mix FAQ
1. Will the water blow your face?
Adjusting the posture of your hand grip according to your habits can avoid water generated by propeller shocking to the face.
2. Why sometimes feel the thrust small?
The reason for small thrust may be the battery is insufficient, the propeller is wrapped with objects, orthe weight is too heavy.
3. Why is there noise?
The WhiteShark Mix has undergone rigorous testing and the sound does not exceed 80dB. Improper maintenance or foreign matters in the propeller may cause noise.
4. What should do if the propeller is wrapped around something?
Please remove the battery, and open the front cover of the propeller, then take out the propeller to clean the windings. For details, please contact SUBLUE or the dealer where you purchased for support.
5. If there is something wrapped around the propeller during use, will the machine stop itself?
Yes. The motor will automatically stop due to overload protection.
1. How long is the battery life?
Battery lasting time depends on the using environment, height and weight. Under normal circumstance, the average lasting time is about 40 minutes when the battery is fully charged.
2. What are the storage conditions for the battery?
Battery storage temperature: 0℃-40℃, storage humidity:60±25%RH, maintain the power about 30-50%, stored separately in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Please charge the battery once every three months. Do not charge the battery below 0℃.
3. There are some green stains on the battery.
This may be caused by foreign matter entering, causing copper to electrolyze, appearing green stains, and producing steel rust. Please contact the dealer where you purchased for support. In a short time, you can also smear a amount of vaseline on the copper sheet.
4. What is the battery type and specification?
The battery: lithium-ion battery. Rated capacity:11000 mAh. Nominal voltage:11.1 V. Charging voltage:12.6 V. Battery weight:approximately 890 g. Length:158.2 to 158.8 mm. Width:59.20 mm (±0.1). Thickness: 46.7 mm.
5. Is corrosion normal around battery electrode contacts?
Mostly caused by improper maintenance, please follow the user manual of maintenance rules to avoid or reduce this problem.
6. Will the battery bulge and expand?
Both Lithium battery overcharge and over discharge may cause this problem, please do not continue to use. And contact your dealer or SUBLUE to purchase or replace a new battery. Note: Before using the device, please read the user manual of battery maintenance. This section details the correct process for charging, using, storing and transporting of battery. Note: The battery as a consumable item is not covered by the warranty.
1. What is the voltage of the charger?
Input: AC 100-240V~50/60HZ 1.8A; Output: DC 12V
2. What should do if the front and back propeller covers cannot be closed?
Violent disassemble of the propeller front and back covers may cause the limit buckle to wear out, thus affect use, please contact SULBUE or authorized service station to purchase or replace a new cover.
3. What is the role of the floator?
Positive buoyancy is achieved after loaded with floator. Mix can surface after releasing in the water.
4. Is the universal external serial port hanging freely?
The external hanging ear is designed according to the standard size and can be installed with the size matching.
5. Can I use the floator to float on the water always?
The whiteShark Mix is equipped with a floator, which only ensures the WhiteShark Mix body becomes slightly positive buoyancy in the water. That is: being released, the Mix can float out of the water. But it cannot be used as a life saving device.
6. Can I charge Mix batteries with other chargers?
The Mix comes with a dedicated charger, please use the standard charger coming with it. If you use other chargers, it may cause damage to the battery.
7. Does the floator install easily?
WhiteShark Mix has special floator peripheral mounting lugs and installation instructions for easy installation, simple and quick.
8. Is Mix propeller bearing easily damaged?
Bearings are not easily damaged under normal use. Please maintain it after every use. Especially after use in sea water, soak the MIX with fresh water and completely clean it to prevent bearing damage caused by seawater crystals or gravel impurities.
9. Is it convenient to install a Gopro camera?
Yes, the machine and floator have mounting holes and screws for direct mounting.
1. Does the machine have lighting?
There is no lighting equipment, you can use lighting accessories.
2. Can Mix take video?
Mix does not have a camera function, but it has a camera mount interface, you can carry a camera for underwater shooting.
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