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WhiteShark MixPro FAQ
What are the motors of MixPro?
We use the advanced DC brush less motors for MixPro.
How to switch the speed?
Keep the device running, quickly click the right start button twice {about 0.5s). The indicator light changes {purple for low speed/orange for high speed), indicating the speed switch is successful.
How long is the endurance of MixPro?
Normal use time * maximum up to 60min *The normal use time is the average value of the maximum time that the user can operate the device according to the general use {discontinuous running) when the product is fully charged.
The battery of Mix and MixPro is 26 universal, why Mix endurance is 30min, MixPro is 60min?
MixPro uses Su blue latest motor technology, and further optimizes on hydrodynamics for the model. So MixPro has better energy efficiency and extended endurance.
Can I take the battery of MixPro on board?
MixPro standard battery is 122Wh, within the range of portable boarding, but the customer should report to the airline in advance and get approval. (Due to different regulations of each airline, there is a risk of being refused by a few airlines. Therefore, please consult the airline or airport in advance about the battery carrying, so as not to delay the trip.) In addition, we also has the optional 98Wh battery, which is more convenient to carry on board.
What is the size and weight of MixPro battery?
Size: L158.8mm*WS9.20mm*H46.7mm Weight:890g{122Wh)
How to judge the 16 battery is fully charged
There is a LED indicator light in the upper right corner of the adapter, the light color shows the battery state: 1.Green light shows the battery is full; 2.Red light shows the battery is not full.
Does MixPro has a low battery warning?
Yes. The power lights indicate the battery state: 1,Low battery warning: The battery indicator lights become red and flashes once; 2,Very low battery warning: The battery indicator lights become red and flashes 3 times quickly.
How to store and maintain the battery?
1) Take out the battery and store it separately with 30- 60% power; 2) Do not charge the battery below 0°C; 3) During transportation, keep the battery in low power (about 30%) ; 4) If it is stored for a long time, please check the battery at least every 3 months and charge it to 60% (at least 1 hour).
How long is the battery lifespan?
Under normal use, the battery can be charged and discharged about 200 times. * After 200 times of use, the performance of the battery will have a significant decline, but it does not mean the battery is damaged. Please pay special attention to the battery state, replace it in time in case of needed.
How long can the 21 battery be fully charged
What is the charging voltage?
100-240V~Ac, 50/60HZ
When using the waterproof phone case holder, will my phone be lost?
No. There is a equipped phone safety leash. Please wear it to prevent from missing.
What is the use of the floater?
With the floater, the product is in positive buoyancy , to prevent from sinking by accidentally missing. *The floater should be use within Sm deep.
Can the floater be disassembled?
Is there a waterproof phone case in the accessories?
No. Please purchase the waterproof phone case separately.
What are the precautions of MixPro waterproof phone case holder?
1 Please use it together with the floater; 2 Please tighten the nut with proper force to prevent damaging your phone case and phone.
Can I disassemble the MixPro phone case holder?
What is the size and clamp range of MixPro waterproof phone case holder?
Size:L52mm *W72mm * H 105mm Clamp range:68mm-118mm
How many mount points are there in MixPro and what is the use?
There are 2 mount points. 1) One is in the front end of main body, universal for sports camera. It can mount floater and sports camera. 2) One is in the back of the floater, 1/4-20UNC. It can mount waterproof phone case and other matched devices.
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