Navbow Series

Navbow Basic Parameters


L327 × W486 × H177 mm (L12.87 × W19.13 × H6.96 in)


3.4kg (7.49lb)


Free: 1m/s (2.24mph) , Sport: 1.5m/s (3.36mph), Turbo: 2m/s (4.47mph)


40m (131ft)

Battery Life


Battery Weight

1.1kg (2.42lb)


≤ 60dB


two ¼''-20mounts

Accessories (included)

Balance weight bracket with lead weight (3) ; D-ring buckle ; Tow rope ; Anti-lost strap

Optional accessories

Rapid 2-hour charger ; Scuba diving weight harness ; Quick-release camera holder ; Waterproof backpack ; Photographic base plate

Navbow Videos


  • Seabow Intro - product scenario

  • Seabow Intro - product video

Navbow FAQ

1.How deep can Seabow be used?
The using depth is 0-40m.
2.What are the storage requirements of Seabow?
The machine and battery should be stored separately. Please follow the instruction below:1. Ensure the machine is stored in a well ventilated place with a temperature of 0-45℃ and a humidity of 65±20%; 2. Avoid direct sunlight; 3. Keep away from high tempreture, fire and children touchable position; 5. Keep away from equipment that may generate strong magnetic fields; 6. To avoid the machine being rusted due to enviorment change, please take out the machine and operate 10min every month.
3.What is the speed of Seabow?
The FREE is a low-speed gear with 1.0m/s, the SPORT is a medium-speed gear with 1.5m/s, the TURBO is a high-speed gear with 2.0m/s. The speed will be affected by different users, water temperature, depth, flow and other conditions, the increase of equipment mounting, the user's equipment, etc.
1.How long is the battery duration?
The battery duration depends on the using environment, height and weight. Under normal circumstance. 158Wh battery can be used up to 75min.
2.How long does the battery charge?
It takes about 2.5 hours for 98Wh and 3.5 hours for 158Wh to fully charge the battery.
3.How to know the left power?
Turn on the multi-function switch, the OLED screen will show the left power.