Underwater Scooter
One-handed Usage Option
The world's first dual-motor underwater scooter supports one-handed operation, giving you maximum flexibility in the water.
Max Speed 2m/s
Battery Life 75mins
Waterproof up to 40m
Capture amazing sights without boundaries
The underwater photography platform allows for mounts and accessories so that underwater photographic equipment is no longer a burden, freeing you to record more memories.
One-handed Use Option
Low Battery Alert
OLED Screen
Underwater Photography Platform
Industry recognition
for innovation and design
Our products have been recognized by the CES Innovation Awards, accredited and presented by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), for their performance and design.
Expertly-crafted engine with an innovative design for no power loss
The Sublue dual-motor system is designed to ensure strong and constant power that delivers even on lower battery life.
One-handed control with professional cruise equipment included
Can be set for one-handed operation mode, with D-Ring buckle and tow rope in the included cruise kit. For easy operation for cruising, pressure equalizing, and underwater photography.
OLED Data Display for optimal status quick view
The OLED screen displays data including speed, battery power, hand operation mode and running time continuously.
Featuring Kaplan high-strength four-bladed propellers
Exclusively designed double Kaplan high-strength four-bladed propellers each with blade curvature are engineered to perfectly fit the ducts.
Exceptional waterproof performance 40M (131ft)
Industry-leading sealing and waterproofing technology
2m/s max speed (4.47 mph)
Top speed 2m/s (4.47 mph): Move as fast as the Men's 200m freestyle world champion.
Tri-speed switch for maximum underwater maneuverability options
Quickly switch between three speeds for when you want to maneuver, cruise,and jet and find new ways to explore underwater.
Up to 75 minutes of battery life
A maximum of 75 mins battery life (per single charge) delivers the ultimate underwater experience.Make the most of your dive:Save energy and consume less air.Use for over an hour.moving underwater,and maneuver for the ultimate underwater photography session.
Has micro-positive buoyancy
The Navbow has micro-positive buoyancy, meaning it will rise slowly to the surface on its own should you lose grip of the devive,allowing it to be easily found on the surface.
Compliant with air transportation standards
The battery energy is 158WH and meets air transportation standards, allowing it to be stowed safely on aircraft.
Unique bow shaped design for power and speed
Featuring a concave bow-shape for strength and speed, the Navbow is ready for action and performance.
A hydrodynamic design based on fluid computer simulations
The front bow has a streamlined surface that is consistent with fluid dynamics and is capable of directing water flow, smoothing water flow during operation,minimizing drag,and minimizing energy consumption.
A comfortable ergonomic design
Designed with a stable and comfortable grip for underwater maneuverability to help explore infinity.
Compatible with many cameras and equipment
It can be equipped with various action cameras, lights, underwater camera housings,and balance weights.
Everyone Can Be Underwater Photography Masters
Featured accessories are available for the underwater photography platform, to help you proceed to advanced underwater photography.
Low battery alert
The unit features a low battery alert that will flash and vibrate the unit.
Produces sound within 60dB
The Navbow is designed with a super-silent motor and will not cause harm to marine organisms , especially important for underwater photographers.
Guaranteed with 10 safety standards for ease of mind in usage
The Navbow has 10 safety mechanisms designed to protect users and is guaranteed for safety in and out of the water.


Multiple accessory options for users to make Navbow available for more scenarios.

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1. Fully charge the device before using it.
2. Do not use this device after drinking alcohol or taking medicine.
3. Use this device in open water. Do not get clothes, weed, wire, nets, shark net, shell, sands or other foreign object into the propeller in case of danger.
4. Do not change the battery underwater. Change the battery in dry environment while the device and your hands are dry at all times.
5. Do not operate the device in non-water environment for more than 30s so as to protect the motor’s endurance. In case of abnormality (e.g. burnt smell), please release the button, stop the device and cut off the power immediately.
6. Do not use the device on the beach in case that sands, shell or other foreign objects get into the propeller.
7. Keep the device away from gasoline, rubber solutions or other volatile or acidic matters. Keep the device away from sharp objects.
8. Do not place heavy objects on the device.
9. Do not throw the battery into fire.
10. Avoid direct sunlight when storing this device. High temperature will damage the battery, causing explosion or leakage.
11. Do not use this device below its maximum depth (40m).
12. Adequate light is required when using this device in dark waters or at night.
13. Do not use this device in sandy water or waters with similar physical properties.
14. Do not use this device when error occurs.
15. The buoyancy of this product is influenced by geographical location, temperature, depth, and water current. Releasing the product may cause it to sink.
16. Take the device out of water when not using it.
17. Unauthorized person shall not repair this device in case of leakage, damage, fire or electric shock.