Glide Beyond
WhiteShark Mix
Mix Series

WhiteShark Mix Basic Parameters

Host weight

2610g (5.75lb)


1.5m/s (3.36 mph)


40m (131ft)

Battery Life 

30 minutes(normal use)

Battery Weight

890g (1.96lb) 


universal mount for sports cameras or lights (not included)


removable floater, safety rope



WhiteShark Mix Videos


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  • WhiteShark Mix Tutorials - Cleaning after use


  • WhiteShark Mix Inro - KOL clip

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  • WhiteShark Mix Inro - Swimming Pool

WhiteShark Mix FAQ

1.How deep can WhiteShark Mix dive in the water?
The ultimate diving depth of WhiteShark Mix is 40 meters.
2.What is the speed of the Mix?
Mix has 8KGf propulsion under water, different weights have different speed. Under normal weight, the speed can reach 1.2m/s.
3.Is it normal for the charger to be hot when charging?
Yes, it is normal.
1.What are the storage conditions for the battery?
Battery storage temperature: 0℃-40℃, storage humidity:60±25%RH, maintain the power about 30-50%, stored separately in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Please charge the battery once every three months. Do not charge the battery below 0℃.
2.How long does the battery charge?
It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.
3.How long is the battery life?
Under normal use, the number of cycles can be recharged at about 200 times.